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7 Ways to Make Your PR Agency Work for You

A great article to read if you’ve hired a PR agency or are considering hiring one.

1. Designate a main point of contact.

Here at Tequila PR, we respect your time and money.   If you’re too busy to effectively utilize our services then please designate one point of contact in your organization that we can work with efficiently and effectively.

2. Outline KPIs and goals clearly.

We can’t help you achieve your goals unless we know what they are.  Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial to our strategy so let’s talk about what you’re really looking for so we can deliver it.

3. Make sure you have regular check-ins.

We’ll work with you to create an effective strategy and then send you monthly reports with an overview letter that show you the previous month’s progress.  You’ll always know where your campaigns stand.

4. Invest time in the beginning.

Not all agave spirits are created equally.  We need to know the voice of your brand in order to represent it properly.

5. Involve them in your team.

We need to know what’s going on with your brand so we can tell the world.  Did you just sign a new distributor in California?  GREAT!  You may not have time for a phone call, but an email or text will allow us to make it huge news.

6. Examine their clients.

We only work with brands we respect and recommend to our friends.  You’ll find them in our Portfolio.

7. Think of them as brand advocates.

When we partner with you, we’re going to tell the world.  One tweet from us reaches over half a million people so, yeah….consider us brand advocates.

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