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About Tequila PR

Miguel “Mike” Morales has had his finger on the pulse of the agave spirit industry since 1999

You can’t market spirits the same way you market peanut butter.

And you can’t market agave spirits the same way you market vodka, whisky, scotch or rum.

So why would you go to a marketing and PR agency that generalizes?

Your Story

Can you trust your story to a company where the staff in charge is still shooting mixto on the weekends?

Can you trust your marketing materials to a company that doesn’t understand terroir and the differences between highlands, lowlands, and micro-climates?

Do they even know what a micro-climate is?

Here at Tequila PR, we specialize in spirits – agave spirits.

We know agave spirits inside and out, and we prove it regularly.

Nobody understands agave spirits consumers, the industry, and the laws that govern its marketing like we do.

Perception Is Everything

Lisa Pietsch, rolling with the changes in social media since AOL

Is that expensive photographer your over-priced agency hired still taking photos of babes in bikinis holding red Solo cups?

Does that high-priced fancy firm know that you can’t advertise “free shots” in Texas?

Does that swanky agency know that your customers in Maine buy their spirits at the New Hampshire Liquor Store?

Does that trendy office filled with twenty-somethings know your distillery is in trouble before you do?

Here at Tequila PR, we know.

Your Edge

With over 44 years of traditional and digital marketing experience between Mike Morales and Lisa Pietsch, we understand what makes your customers reach for your bottle instead of another.

We know the words that will make your bottles fly off shelves.

We know what every generation and demographic is looking for in an agave spirit, and how they want to be approached.

We slog through all the unsexy data and reports so you don’t have to.

Here at Tequila PR, we know it’s a tough climb to the top shelf.

When you partner with us, we become your edge.